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whats your fav cartoon?


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im 24 now and for some reason, im starting to like watching cartoons again! dont ask me why :( lol anyway, i was wondering which cartoons you all like.


the cartoons i watch now are:

dexter, spongebob square pants, samurai jack, and simpsons


the cartoons i use to watch back in the days are:

voltron (im sure some of you aren't old enough to remember that one), inspector gadget, tom and jerry, gi joe, and all time favorite.....transformers!!! :D

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I've actually started to get into Anime, which aren't really cartoons per say, but Japanese Animation.

My GF watches a lot of Disney and George and Marth. Plus, we like to watch a lot of the CG films like Shrek, Monsters Inc. and Final Fantasy.


If you want to watch some Anime, try checking out Trigun. Watch it from Episode 1 on up to 26, as it's one long story. You'll laugh, you'll cry...

Plus, there is always Kenshin, which is awesome...

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HAHAHA this is my kind of thread


Love Hina - I think its my fave about a boy who lives in a all girls dorm, funny as hell


Kenshin - the most fierce killer in some war who vows never to kill again, goes good and carries a sword with the blade on the back, great show


Evangelion - well in the future and these "Angels" are attacking Tokyo 3, humans have created large "Mechs" or robots to defend against these attacks, another all around great show


Full Metal Panic - More Mechs but in a different time with a lighter mood then Evangelion


Onegai Teacher - what can I say, fanservice...


S.cry.ed - Show about some earthquake that gave people born on the island created from the earthquake special powers...


Ai Yori Aoshi - Love Hina like about a guy that has this girl fall in love with him and all these strange events go down, pretty funny


GTO - a show about a guy who is a punk who loves panties so he becomes a teacher so he can be around high school girls in miniskirts


Chobits - there are female robots in the future and they do all kinds of stuff for you, but one man falls in love with his...


ummm... too lazy to post more, maybe I'll add when I get home

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damn, somebody knows their japanimations! :laugh: the closest i get to japanese animation is dragon ball :( i know its an old cartoon but its still good. i tried watching gundam wing but its too boring for me... those 2 are probably the only anime's i watch

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ewww hentai, I hate that crap... Gundam did suck, don't let that ruin your outlook, check out eva or trigun, those are the two favorites all around...


Oh and Initial D, I haven't seen it yet but its about street racing, and all the races are done in CG so it looks pretty cool

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force is basically the drug induced delusions of someone who had a burger king meal sitting on his desk when he shot himself up. It's probably the most unintelligent show on tv.

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I like Anime too.


Elfen Lied was my favorite series, but it was so short.


Still watching Bleach.


American stuff.....South Park, that's it.


Bleach is awesome. Sadly, I've caught up with the new releases... so now I must wait... :dry:

Ever watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? Best Mecha series. :thumbsup:

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