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CD Player Error Code


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Hello all,


I have a 2000 honda civic. One day when I put in a 2 week old store bought CD and it got to a particular track it started messing up. Kind of like it was skipping or something. I took it out and didn't play any CD's for the rest of that day. The next morning on my way to work when I tried to put in CD's an error code of E-00 comes up on the screen of the CD player and then it spits the CD back out without playing it at all. I looked in the user manual and it says make sure the CD isn't scratched, damaged, or inserted incorrectly. I did all of that including using several different store bought CD's. I waited a week and put a CD in and then it played the CD. Now for the past few days, the CD player may work at times, but the majority of the time it will say E-00. Would anyone know what would be wrong? I've taken my car down to AutoZone and checked the engine, battery, and alternater and they are all good, so I'm guessing it's just something with the CD player. I'd hate to buy a whole new CD player if this one can be fixed. I thought about calling Honda to see if they would give me ideas over the phone. I don't want to take it down to Honda and they charge me $100 to fix it.



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Take it by your local dealership and ask them to get the code for you. If they try to charge you, tell them it should be done for free as good will.


Then, disconnect the positive battery terminal and reconnect it. Enter the code into the CD player and see if it works.

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