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:) hey guys i am wondering what to do with my car. i dont have that much money, and i want a new engine but it is hard to do that when you pay so much for your god damn insurance like i do and dont have that much money to spare. so what should i do? save and save little by little, and buy an engine? i want either a b16 gsr or h22, i dont know which one. if not, what aftermarket parts should i get for now until i can make good money to swap out the engine? cams? i have the nonvtec S model (UNFORTUNATELY, oh well, what can ya do :mad: ) i dont know if a cam gear will do anything. what about pulleys? or intake mainfold? i have intake, custom catback exhaust. what can i do to give me the most hp/torque from my engine? any ideas? please give me some! thanks, i appreciate it. :p
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