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It is possible to import a JDM(Japan) civic to the US...it's just insanely expensive....unless you have someway of getting by the government taxes and stealing it and smuggling it over here on a boat...or in a plane.

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you mean import one? or just one made in japan?

I mean, just like the one we can get here in states, only made entirely in Japan. Somehow I trust their reliability more. Don't try to convince me otherwise, just tell me if it is possible.

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Much of my family works at Honda, so from the information I get, this is what I got.

Civics assembled in Japan are Right-hand drive and built only for Japan, they come with different engines and look different and such.

US civics are assembled in Canada and the USA and are the ones that are currently bought here.

All of the parts are made in the same place for Japan and the US, well different factories of course, but same quality.

They are 2 completely different vehicles.

Yes you can get one from Japan, but it will be right-hand drive and possibly look different.

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US Civics are built in Canada.

Japanese Civics are built in Japan.

Both factories use the exact same machines and tehcniques.

It doesn't make a damn difference which country it was built in.


You can get a EK9 imported and registered for under $20,000.

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