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I have invested in a DVD burner.....have access to an Imac and editing software, and graphic skills handy for cover artwork.....


Here is my proposal:


I want to create a hour and half to two hour long dvd of drag racing/ street racing, car shows, drifting, and all the other interesting things. However instead of me going all over the place hoping to get good footage i thought of this. I would have anyone interested send in footage on VHS tapes via the mail so i know its original for this DVD only.... of anything of the above.....high quality in video.....not neccessarily sound since it will be mixed to music........with their dawgs of course! and i will probably post this on other car forums to get the word out and get lots of different cars.....but of course there will be a lot of supra footage since im biased hehe..... and in return for the footage property i would give free copys of the finished dvd to the people whose footage i used in it. I would of course go through all the footage i receive and only use the best and highest quality, it will be mixed with music, will be in a dvd case with cover art, and will be shipped to those buying it. I figured a fair price would be $19.99. hey they say that makes people think its a lot cheaper then 20 bucks...lol.....


but neways i think thats about it.....if anyone is confused about anything please ask. this will not be a thrown together project either and i do have experience in the editing process. as will i be putting up samples along the way to spark interest. if any of you guys cant do this yourself but have a buddy with a sweet car or know of anyone who might beinterested in contributing please spread the word! them ore footage i get the better! i will give outmy address in emails from those who are interested in sending me anything.


so lets hear it guys.....yay? nay? where do you sign? lol......give me some feeback...positive or negative...and if negative tell me the problem. thanks!


EDIT: oh and i forgot.....im also looking to get some good footage of hot girls in bikinis washing hot cars to throw in there somewhere!


any questions post here or email at lamplitersniper@hotmail.com

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how about a booty contest, wet t-shirt contest, and then a little section showing some of the nips and bush :D i have 2 video tapes from a car show i attended. if i find it, ill mail to you. one thing though, will you send back the tape or do you keep it??

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