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2006 honda accord v6 3.0l starts, engine revs, but car wont move (auto Transmission)


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so my 06 accord died on me yesterday (168k miles roughly). i was driving on the highway, went to switch lanes to pass someone, and the engine revved up high but i was losing speed. i pulled off to the side of the highway, and the car wouldnt move. i tried all gears, the normal drive as well as lower gears, and reverse. when i switch gears, the parking gear does disable, as the car will start to roll forward as if the brakes are disengaged. the fluid level for the transmission is good, the fluid is clean and full. i tried turning the car off and letting it cool down a bit. the car starts with no issue, and when i press the gas i am still getting rpms, just no actual power to the wheels. yesterday there were no CEL codes coming up, no lights on the dash. this morning i went out to check again, and now i have a CEL on, code is U0155 "Lost communication with IPC". anyone know whats going on here? the transmission has been serviced every 60k miles (ive had the car since 61k, and that was the first thing i did). there were no early signs of failure or anything, the only warning i got was the day before, the car did the same thing to me on the highway, but it caught again and let me drive it after a second or 2. 

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