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2022 Honda CRV Hybrid - Favorite All Weather Tires

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My 2022 CRV Hybrid is still on its original OEM Bridgestone Ecopia tires. We recently had some pretty heavy rains and for the first time since I moved to Seattle 13 years ago, my car hydroplaned and didn't feel stable driving on the highway in the heavier-than-normal rains. I've had a Toyota Camry, Toyota Venza, Toyota Rav4, and now this Honda CRV EX Hybrid and this is the first car I've ever had issues with driving in the rain. For context, I grew up in NJ for 18 years, drove in Boston for 4 years, 2 years in Virginia/DC, and a decade in Los Angeles. I'm not new to driving in inclement weather.

The only difference I can tell, aside from the vehicles obviously, is that this is the first time I've ever had Bridgestone tires on a car. After reading some reviews of the Bridgestone Ecopia tires online, I'm beginning to think that 1) they're garbage and 2) I should replace them for a variety of safety reasons. 

Now, normally I'd just head down to my local Les Schwab and get one of their All-Season tires and call it a day -- I've been fine with their Quatrac Pro series. Before I go schedule that appointment, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on a good all-weather tire for Seattle -- Frequently drizzing, infrequently downpouring, very infrequently torrential downpour, and snow/ice for maybe 1 week a year. Otherwise, lots of hills and lots of crappy drivers.

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