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Help Choosing my first vtec daily!


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Hey guys, new here. I’m getting ready to get my next daily driver upgrading from a 2000 accord coupe, and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 choices. A 7th gen EP3 SI or an 8th gen si

my reason for wanting an EP3 is basically because despite what I always hear, I think it is the best looking SI, it seems very practical (I’ll be transporting DJ gear occasionally) and good on gas, and I love love love hatchbacks and I can get one with 180kish miles for about 4k

my reasons for the 8th gen is I just love the interior, the cluster, and they have better performance. I can get one with 180kish miles for about 6k.

for now, I just want a reliable and fun daily, but eventually would like to turn it into a project car with upgrades in the future once I'm more financially stable. Performance does not matter as much at the moment.

what do you think I should do in my position now? Please keep in mind reliability, gas mileage, cost, and as an eventual modding platform :)

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