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thinking about buying a 96 SE teg


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well i dont know to much about hondas. i have a 92 eagle talon tsi awd which is going to be my drag car. but im looking for a reliable car to make go decent. down the road from me there is a repo'd 96 SE the interior is pretty dirty has 109k on it. and they said theyd let it go for $3500(they might have to get 3800) (Sticker on it is 5000 but the bank just wants to get rid of it) im guessing nobody will buy it because of how dirty the interior is and nobody wants to lowball them like me. i took it for a test drive and it seamed pretty nice (its an auto though which sucks but id change that) but it went pretty good. also the maintence req light was on(whats that for ??) and the stereo said code (which doesnt bother me because im putting in the stereo out of my talon)


from what ive heard so far its basically a GSR w/ an LS motor. is this true ?


and would this be a good buy ?


also im thinking of picking it up monday for like a half hour and bringing it home and looking through everything on it.(i know the owner of the car lot but they said they didnt look at it at all because the bank owns it)


and if it is all good.... what can i do to it to make it fast and reliable and not a gas hog like my car and have to run 93 octane ?

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