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You and your car


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Post pics of you and your car. List your name, age, location, car information, and what you have done to it.


No bashing, flaming, arguing, or quoting posts.


Links will be fine until a new host is found.


My car in January

Chris Tybor


Johnson City, TN


1996 Honda Civic DX hatchback, 5spd, Granada Black Pearl

Civic Type R gauge cluster

90 Integra RS shift knob

98 Civic armrest

Si CD player relocated in cupholders

OEM radio blockoff plate

Honda-tech.com sticker


Not installed:

15" x 6.5" flat black 5x114.3 Rota Slipstreams

Integra Type R brake master cylinder, booster


Next thing to get:

CTR/ITR 5-lug, Falken Azenis tires, Earls SS brake lines


Parents payed $4,600 for it.

Insurance is $198/month full coverage w/clean record.

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Honda-tech.com sticker


nice mod :p


it snowed yesterday and today :(, so there's no point taking pictures of the sol... and the crx is without a motor installed, a hood, windshield, most of the interior :-/ ...

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Well I cant drive it yet, but this is what I'll be getting. '93 Blazer! :rockon:



some rust here and there under the hood, but I'll fix that up soon (its been used for snowplowing each winter since about '96)

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Well, I dont think I'll be taking a picture with my Sol anytime soon...so here's a stored pic...




...I'm just waiting for the poor thing to die, which I doubt will happen anytime soon. I'm on the verge of 200k. Besides, I was coming home from downtown one night and as I was reaching over to get my CD case, I ran over something and whatever it was, took my chin spoiler with it. Sucks ass...so, if anything I'm just parting whatever I can...



DC 4-2-1 Header

GReddy SP Exhaust

15" Rota Slipstreams

ST Springs/KYB AGX Shocks

random turbo parts sitting in my trunk as well as Skunk2 front cambers, which I never installed and prolly never will, along with the CF hood.


...and my 200hp Pirates of the Carribean antenna ball :pirate:


Bought the puppy new in 1995. Coolest car ever, IMO. Wish Honda kept it around for at least a generation more. Oh well, classic car and I don't think I can ever live without a targa. *sigh* So hard to think about replacing this thing...

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since its midnight i will have to post pics lata. the 300zx is getting sold so i will take pics of that before it is gone. my supra is getting sold too. quite a bit of money for it i might say. so now im working on my off roading Trooper. when i get that finished i will buy either another bike(sold the busa while back) or sports car.

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you have to get an image host. Its basically a place where you store all your images. I just found a pretty good one, www.picturetrail.com


to post a pic: after you upload it on your host, right click the picture and go to properties, they copy and paste the URL into your post using the IMG tag

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Doug Everette


Gainesville (Newberry), FL 32669



free mods (flipped bov, etc)

H&R sport springs (i wish i went with tein again)


Soon to come:

3'' apexi N1

Injen intake

Greddy type s bov



my car as of stock (when i first bought it.) since then i've lowered it and done the free mods, curbed the right front a wheel a little bit, gotten a crap load of chips in the front bumper from driving fast, and blew the right front door speaker. :)


its fuzzy, i know:



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I have old imagestation pics, they suck


93 sol

Under the hood:

jdmh22a, hondata p28ecu, teg gs-r radiator with custom zip-tie mounts, ABC stage 2 axles, ACT clutch, custom mounts by Place Racing (the tranny mount is a work of art) type-s cams, mild port by portflow, non-port matched accord euro-R intake mani that I need to get done, ghetto ass autozone intake, NGK plugs and wires, DC header, no catalyst 2 3/4" exaust, QUIET (I know that's hard for some of you to fathom) Raptor muffler.

Just got installed last weekend:

Arias 12.5:1 pistons that make 91 octane even suck, total seal rings, cheap-ass "econo-billet" rods, and of course new bearings and ish. Pistons RULE!!!!!


Teg Gs-r rims, painted black, NO body kit!!!, replaced the wack stock spoiler with a trunklid that doesn't have one. skunk2 coilovers, big dent in the drivers side. All go no show.

Can't forget the plush gutted interior (not totally gutted, just behind seats and trunk) Sorry, I don't have a 24" monster tach with 10 shift light or 20 gauges. But I have an air freshener, and I think a cat peed in my car.

it's ghetto, but it hauls ass, sleeper staus.

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the fuzzy makes it all mysterious lookin'...:thumbsup:

thats what i think! it adds a little something extra to the picture. makes the car look better than it really is...


But I have an air freshener, and I think a cat peed in my car.


ewww, thats nasty. but speaking of air fresheners, i got one for free at the nitto booth at the spring break tuner bash. that thing smells so damn good! if any of you cali guys go to a show or something with a nitto booth make sure to get the neo gen air freshener...if not for yourself i'll pay you to ship some over to me so i can get extras for when mine runs out of smell good power.:thumbsup:

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