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rsx colors


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I would say the Eternal would look black at night and have that cool blue look on sunny days. On overcast and rainy days it will look pretty dark and black as well.

The Arctic will be much bluer during the day and still retain that blueness at night as well.

That's my guess.


They both look real good and I would probably have to see them in person to decide. The Arctic might be too light of a blue for me...

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artic blue


sidenote - not trying to sound like ignorant motha-----; but anyways, honda should've made acura kept the word 'integra' on honda's new model. rsx is just sounds...too commercial.


-edit- oh yeah, if you gonna take pictures with an rsx, i'd go for a 'lighter shade' of paint. looks better, dark paint just looks...bad during the day. imho.

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yea the artic is REALLY nice. i saw it in person last .... monday i think. its in that perfect niche inbetween too dark and way too light. i havent seen one in the dark but im goin w/ deadly, i think itll stay blue lookin.

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