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Seen a 8 Sec GSR


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i was at the track yesterday jsut to see what was up. so im there and i see this tight @$$ looking Integra GSR pull up on the line to get its warm up lap. off course this car is gutted and has slicks on the front and as he does his burnout u could here the blow-off valve so im like this is gona be good. then the tree hits green and damn he gets a 0.436 reaction time and as he hits about the 750 ft mark i see him increase even more than normal so i figured oh crap Nitrous. and when he got to the end and started braking the tails said do u like my tails? he ran an 8.064 @ 183.92. i couldnt frackin believe it. so i walk over to talk to the guy and check out his car and as i said it was gutted, bored out and had headwork, had a Greddy Turbo and intercooler, Blitz blow-off valve, Mickey Thompsan slicks, and a NOS Nitrous Pro Race System with a 250 HP increase!!!! i want this guys car. also he races for a local car club called Team Speed Demons. his car is there only full drag car. the rest are dailys. well jesus anyone else want this car?

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