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License Plate Lights


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I had one bulb out and when I was about to replace it, the lenses were all black (probably the guy who sold it to me got a cheap paint job). So I thought would be better to buy these lenses+bulb than the lenses and the bulbs separately (that would be like $30 bucks according to my research). Installation was a bit tricky on a Civics 8th Coupe, you have to accept you are going to lose that black clip on the middle of the lenses (which for me does not help that much) I had to break it in order to remove that tray to replace the lenses, and sincerely with the 2 bolts in the top and the 3 white clips into bottom I felt it was enough. The retainers of the lenses are not the exact copy of the OEM, but it really makes the work, it fitted perfectly on my 2008 Civic Coupe EX. These lights are extremely bright, which I like but there is some people looking for a really dim light for the license plate, if you are one of those don't get this. If you are like me, let me tell you THIS LIGHTS ARE AMAZING. PS: With the OEM bulbs I had the bulb increasing and decreasing intensity when I unlocked the doors, with this ones is just on/off is something that does not bother me at all, but keep that in mind before purchasing it.





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