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2.4L possibly jumped time?

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Hey guys, have a 2012 honda with about 190k on it that we just did an oil change on. On first start, it started, then rattled (per usual) then it died. I got worried, cranked it a few more times (2-3 seconds) and called it quits because it is an interference motor and it had me concerned.
It’s had a nasty start up rattle for a long time, my worry is that as the motor tried to build pressure while also taunting up the chain tensioner, then it jumped time because the oil galley was emptied when the filter was taken off?

Here is what I know:

• chain has some pretty good slack

•#1 intake valves are hanging up when rotating motor by hand. It binds, then taunts the chain then clicks as it release tension. My guess is #1 is the reason why it died.

•No obvious carnage, no other cylinders are binding.

I do not know what happened, but I am guessing that the chain slop finally caught up. Let me know if you know of any other causes? Or solutions? Thanks!






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