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I currently have a 2007 Honda pilot.  It it has a J35A0 in it I believe.   The zero is a bit scuffed on the timing cover and its hard to tell if thats it exactly.  However, I am here to ask what other J35 motors will fit this vehicle.  I am hearing there are differences in the block between 2 wheel drive vs AWD/4WD.  Is this difference in the blocks a legit concern?  Or is the difference something minor that I can swap out to make the motor work?  I am a big honda guy but haven't messed with the j35's to much.  The junk yard is saying the motor for this Honda Pilot is 06-08 only.  I know their systems are pretty specific.  But, in my experience with honda's as long as the block number matches up the motor would work.   Please help! 

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