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96-00 Civic dash lights light up occasionally etc


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Since i bought my ej9 civic there has been this weird problem where my dashboard lights work occasionally and most of the time not at all. Radio and other lights work always, fuse 30 is good. My car doesn't have dimmer switch at all. Another weird problem is that on turn signal switch it doesn't put lights into park mode but always running lights on even when it is on parking light mode. Yesterday i checked all the bulds in the dash and they were fine. Also measured continuity on the board behind the dash, all wires were good and beeped when i traced them. The connectors that go to the dashboard got 12v and ground. Also tested on a junkyard turn signal switch and it made no difference. But yesterday weird thing happened that it lighted up the dashboard lights for many hours but today they again didn't work. Yesterday it also let it put lights into park mode and shut off running lights when parking mode was on. Im wondering if the problem might be on some control unit or just bad connections on the board behind dashboard since they have wear grooves visible when you remove the bulb. I might add some solder there and see if it helps with the contact. If not then have to try on a junkyard gauge cluster.

Sry for bad english,,,from finland. Inspection coming in couple weeks and have to have those lights working on the dash to pass inspection. 

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