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FIRST TIME HONDA OWNER! -- 2014 Accord EX 6-Speed a.k.a. Metalicana


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Alright, short sweet and to the point...I am one of those "younger guys" who has always had an affection for Japanese vehicles (even ones built here in the US). From my childhood neighbor's Del Sol Si to my local car friends and their suped up Civics/ CRXs/ etc, the famous H badge has followed me everywhere...and yet I've never owned one personally until now.

After selling my 2022 KIA K5 GT-Line (due to massive car payment and working a not-so-financially stable job), I went looking for a mid-size car like the KIA, but on a much more realistic budget. After driving a 2015 Accord Sport 6-speed at a local dealership, I knew I had to have one regardless.

After doing tons of research and calling so many dealerships, I found "Metalicana" at Mercedes Benz of the Woodlands with only 79K WELL KEPT miles (serviced only at John Eagle Honda in Houston) and sitting at a KILLER DEAL. Of course, not knowing much about the CR2 Accord (or any mainstream Hondas for that matter), I had no idea that the EX trim came in a 6-Speed, but there it was in all it's Modern Steel Metallic glory (hence the name) and I immediately scooped it up...and I am not looking back at all.

I definitely hope to meet lots of new folks here and learn all I can about what is possible with these Accords and other Hondas in general. Plus of course, I'd love to add a few touches to my car to make it more "sporty/ personal".

Thanks for reading my post (and definitely catch me on Youtube),
Bobby Johnson
The Driveway Auto Reviews
Spring, TX


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