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1999 Honda accord that still drives great, and when it's hot outside, she cranks right up first thing and gets me to where I need to go. Say it's the store, and when I come out and go to start her, no go. I either have to wait about another hour OR... I can wiggle the 3-4 wires that is by the start several times and make it happen in 5 minutes. PLEASE, before you say it's the starter, it is not. 4 (four) mechanics and $680.00 later prove that to not be the case. They also said "they changed the relay switches, that didn't work, another $192.00. I also took it to Honda and they said they could find a problem but they didn't drive it for a little bit like I explained that they needed too. I am at my wits end! Please, can someone help this elderly lady out with some suggestions?

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