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Specialization of The Accord (W.I.P)

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So, as some backstory, I started off my driving career in an old beat up 1995 Accord sedan. Even before I had to give the ole thing up, I started to look into how any car could be superior to my (at the time) best car of my life. I discovered Honda's previous and newer generations of Accords, none of which I loved like my own so I decided to dig deeper into my own generation of Accords. The fifth generation of Accords (1994-1997 model years) definitely had some 

The 1997 models of Accords came in four trim levels.*: DX,LX, EX and SE (Special Edition)

SO, what are the differences between the 1997 Accord LX, EX and SE trims?

The special edition badge and lineup was shared with the Honda CRV and included a unique set of amenities. 

In the CD5 and CD3 Accords, this included a woodgrain trim around the radio and shifter, Unique aluminum rims, a security system which had an indicator light built into the woodgrain radio bezel, "Special Edition" floor mats and of course a special edition badge to tie it all together.

This project has had several "operations" throughout the years, here I will bring together all of my operations into one easy to navigate document.


Aluminum Rims: https://www.hondaforums.com/topic/50422-1997-accord-special-edition-rim-restoration/

Note: Even though it might not have been the most difficult to obtain the materials needed, including the rims, this was by far the most difficult out the whole project.


Security System: https://www.hondaforums.com/topic/50042-96-97-accord-accessory-security-system-plus-add-ons/

Note: After some long nights of research and long days of searching junkyards, the actual process of installation was not a difficult one.

Note 2: This also includes the installation of the security system siren, which works for a substitute for the SE stock security horn.


Woodgrain Bezel: 

Note: Can be an expensive operation to complete, as these very same bezels go for hundreds of dollars but I have been lucky with my findings at the junkyards.


Radio Swap and upgrade: 

Note: This was full of surprises around every corner which yielded a very satisfactory result,  

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