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Infrequent vibration on acceleration??


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Hi all! I have a 2010 v6 accord, around 124k miles. For the past week or so, I’ve been noticing a very brief sort of vibration in the gas pedal when I accelerate. It feels like some kind of buzzing or friction, and every time it’s literally stopped as quickly as it started. Usually I notice it happening within the first few minutes after I start the car, and then it goes away and I can’t reproduce it.

The car has had a few things done since the start of this year. I had the timing belt replaced about two months ago, then took a trip home to renew my registration (I moved states once and am about to move again, but my registration was expiring, so), and on the trip one of my spark plugs went bad and I had to replace that too. When my mechanics back home were inspecting the car upon registration, they had to also replace a bracket in the axle system. But once it was fixed, they said everything looked fine and the car was in good shape.

I’m a little bit worried that the bad spark plug and resulting engine misfire could have done some sort of damage to the exhaust system when it first happened. It was causing the check engine light to flash and it took a few minutes of me telling my mom to pull over before she finally did. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on with my old pal? It’s been so good to me, but the past few months have given me some understandable car anxiety😅

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