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I was in the junkyard one day taking apart a 95 wagon and it occurred to me that the rear door speakers would really look good in my car. Thinking it would be a giant hassle, but for shits and giggle I took the door panel off and compared to that of a rear door on a sedan 95. Wouldn't you know it? They were the same! The only difference was that the wagon had a speaker grill drilled into it. I took this logic and compared my 97s door panel to a 97 wagon and BOOM! Light bulb. All I needed to do was either replace my door panels with a wagon's or cut mine to accommodate the speaker... I decided to do it the hard way.

Tools I used (but I am sure you can substitute out others)

-Phillips head screwdriver

-Thin wide trim panel remover (Cloth covered flathead works to)

-Pencil (Dry erase marker could work as well)

-Drill bit ( 7/16ths size but had to circle around to achieve that 1 cm diameter)

-Ice pick (Big nail or fine point)

-Dremel tool (A circular saw)

-Wire strippers

-Quick disconnects for wires

-Soldiering iron (Not necessary, could use connectors in lieu of)

-   gauge wire


Here is how the Honda Service Manual says to replace/remove the door panel speakers on wagons and sedans...




So now I need:

Two 2-Pin speaker connectors

Two 5th gen door speakers (My old new ones work)

Two wagon rear door speaker adaptors (What the speaker is held by) P/N: 39122-SV5-A00

Six yellow insert nuts for the screws (The holes are    in diameter)

Two wagon "Ivory" rear door speaker grilles P/N: 83753-SV5-A000***


I bought a door panel from a 97 Accord wagon, then measured the speaker cutout so we all could go about recreating this in our sedans. It is as follows... 

Here is a picture of the actual door panel from both sides, with things labeled for simplicities sake. Keep in mind that my door panel is from the drivers side, so the cutouts must be reversed for the passenger side



I first measured the cutout freehanded (with a ruler) and got the following...

Two 1* centimeter holes that are 1** millimeter (ish) shy of one centimeter from the speaker grille cutout itself.

14 1/2 centimeters from the door panel courtesy light is the lower corner of the exdent (Which is 2 1/2 x 3/4 centimeters long and wide respectfully).

The top straight line is 12 1/2 centimeters

The bottom straight line is 13 1/2 centimeters

Front slanted line 4 1/3 centimeters  ( side without outdent)

 Rear (Towards back of vehicle) slanted line 9 1/2 centimeter ( side with outdent)


Next, because I realize I am not perfect, I traced the holes and speaker cutout on a letter size piece of paper (8.5 x 11 inches) width and height respectfully. I did this both of curiosity and peace of mind in getting an accurate measurement.  Below is a scan of said paper, which should be able to be printed off as a letter size paper template.

Pencil Trace.pdf

I did this same thing except instead of pencil I used spray paint, just for another view and measuring tool. Again on a letter size paper and uploaded as such.

Painted Trace.pdf


Will edit and keep it updated when I make any progress...


*Or 0.393701 Inches

**Or 0.0393701 Inches

***RR Door Speaker as it says on the part itself, I assume the part number is different per color and position (Drivers or Passengers)


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