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5th Gen Accord Cornering Lights

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So I decided that I was going to try my own hand at installing these cornering lights you all are making look so cool. (Also I think the 94-97 Accords lack a side view blinker anyway...)

But to start off I will say that I "borrowed" some lights from a 2002 Land Rover Discovery Series SE, I lack the detective work and the funds to go OEM/JDM and purchase my own new set of lights. Plus I like the way they jut out just a bit to be flush with the black trim on the lower parts of the doors. Which is also the reason I opted to go with the lower location for the lights, to remain as flush and streamlined with the existing trim as possible.

I will try and go through all of the steps I did to make these puppies work but I would be lying if I said I did it on my own. I referenced the electrical manual (as I usually do, publication number: 61SV405EL )  I used this template found here https://honda-tech.com/forums/honda-civic-del-sol-1992-2000-1/end-all-diy-side-marker-post-813522/page3/   (Great job BTW Trixiem and 137 over on Honda Tech)

As well as assistance from a local shop to help grind the holes and provide much needed sarcastic remarks. And I cannot forget my cousin and red-faced friend for helping me with the bumper and soldiering.


First step is as you all know taking the proper measurements and cutting the hole. I printed out the template and traced it on the fender using sharpie (So it bleeds through/ punctures the paper) Than proceeded to make my shop-mate use the Dremel to cut the hole, which I then sandpapered down and painted 2-3 times, y'know, as paranoid people do.

Hole In Fender       For whatever reason I cannot get this to be right-side up ;(

20211118_173141.thumb.jpg.8388d9cffbb1d086aac39b32c54dd984.jpg       The template after I was done using it...


Second step is to test the lights themselves, these specific lights have two disconnect points from the lens itself. The bulb unscrews from the lens, but also can be unplugged from the wiring itself, useful in the event of needed maintenance. I put some grease on the black rubber surrounding the bulb before screwing it in to prevent shorts and corrosion. Needless to say they worked (With new bulbs).

Third step is to measure and cut your wiring. I tapped into the power for the blinkers using the shown green wire (with a blue stripe and two white spots)

20211121_004852.thumb.jpg.8fb66ea2b8120b3a2e0c21942f01040b.jpg       This requires you undo the inner tire molding (Mine was eaten by an interstate already). As well as            unwrap the bundle of inner fender wires and sort through them.

The ground was found on the passenger side in the form of a radiator mount bolt (Un rusted and cleaned up of course)

20211121_004916.thumb.jpg.eb5309253af86079698211d79060888e.jpg       Before connecting to a ring connector, I opted for the closest bolt so I could go inside the frame.


For the drivers side I had an easy solution; the siren bracket bolt. (I am referring to my security attachment siren, but SE owners will have one very similar in the same exact spot) Or for you ABS owners out there (Yuck ABS 🤢)The EGR valve or ABS bracket bolts could work as long as they are clean where you attach the ring.

20211121_004905.thumb.jpg.2acd58b7f7a85fbe1df051104cf5426a.jpg       Don't mind my bird's nest of wires this was a temporary way to test the lights and the grounds.


Fourth step is to solder, connect or tape your wiring together and hope (Or pray, whichever one you think will get the job done). Me? I did a combination I put some grease in all of connections and slapped it all together.  






Here I show off my rusty steelies 😓, and my quick disconnects to the lights, with one being wrapped up and the other needing the tape.






Fifth step of course is putting it all into where it belongs, rewrapping the fender wires, grounding the grounds and running the wires. And sliding the lights into their new homes. As much as I trust English engineering and my Dremelling, I still applied sealer to the inside of the lights and let it set.

20211122_160625.thumb.jpg.e22877be9c60e0d34a17e4d2952eb73c.jpg       The fender was already f-ed up before the job but all the same I would recommend some sort of protection. The tape is to help the light stay in place during the wiring and such.


SO, overall results... I am very satisfied. The lights have lasted a good month or two at this point with no issues, and through a 1200 mile road trip up and down Pikes Peak, as well as snow and ice. 


 For whatever reason I cannot get this to be right-side up ;(

Speaking of that trip, here is a video (going the speed limit 😉) in middle of nowhere Kansas. WARNING FOR HEADPHONE LISTENERS




Electrical Manual Pages Referenced... (I even included the wagon pages)               20211214_002528.thumb.jpg.84adba34810c4abcd887e24691112386.jpg




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