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Everything Needed to Turbo your D16 and Keep AC/ PS On a Budget! 2021 Tested


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Recently slapped a turbo on my d16y8 and wanted to document the parts I needed as well as cost since I spent a bunch of time researching and testing to see what works. This will be broken down into optional parts and essential parts. With these exact parts you don't have to shave the block down to fit the turbo and you can also keep AC and P/S!

First off with engine management you can go a couple routes, personally I went with a Snake Tuning Emulator (SnakeEMU is an OBD1 RTP + Datalog for 88-00 Honda Acura with B/D/H/F Engines) with a base price of $170 and a junkyard obd1 ecu ($45) you can use Honda Tuning Suite to make a basemap and tune it yourself or go to a tuner. You can also go super cheap with an FMU but I don't suggest it.

Essential Parts!

- Clutch kit (needed if you're gonna make any real power, chose based on your power goal, this is what I went with) -
amazon_icon.gif EFT STAGE 3 CLUTCH KIT+ FLYWHEEL FOR 1992-2005 HONDA CIVIC DX LX EX D15 D16 D17 4CYL
- $189

- x2 Slim fans for your AC Compressor and Radiator -
amazon_icon.gif Universal 12V Slim Pull Push Racing Electric Radiator Engine 12" Fan
- $50 for 2

- Boost Gauge (I got a glowshift unit but it doesnt really matter what brand)
amazon_icon.gif GlowShift 52mm Tinted 7 Color PSI Turbo Boost Pressure Gauge Meter w Tinted Face
- anything from $20 to $50 ($44 for glowshift)

- Sandwich Plate for Oil Feed Line (you can cheap out and make your own but for $30 you cant go wrong with this unit from glowshift)
- $30

- Turbo Manifold -
- $98

- Wastegate (EMUSA Brand) -
 Universal Black 2 Bolt External 38mm Turbo Wastegate Bypass Exhaust+1/6/8/7 PSI
- $65.99

- Turbo (with this turbo and rev9 manifold I was able to toss it on the car and have it fit without shaving the block) -
- $159

- Intercooler Kit (fit perfect for me no cutting or modifications also comes with a cheap bov) - Silver Intercooler Piping kit SQV BOV +Black Coupler for 92-00 Honda Civic EG EK - $227

- Turbo Feed and Return Kit (I've heard people have issues with these leaking but I've had 0 issues Mileage may vary) -
 DNA Motoring OFL-KIT-008 Universal Turbocharger Oil Drain/Feed Line Kit,Black
- $41

- Downpipe and wastegate dump (required cutting and welding, I used a cheap harbor freight welder) - Turbo Downpipe For 92-00 Honda Civic 2.5" O.D & 1.5" O.D. Dump Tube GSR Type - $94.98 Will need to weld in an o2 bung for wideband + $10 for that

- Fitting to make the turbo feed fit in-between the turbo and manifold - MUST HAVE -
 Edelbrock RUS-614804 90 Degree Female An Swivel To Male An #4
- $14

- 90 Degree Fitting to make the oil drain fit - MUST HAVE -
 Russell 610180 Red/Blue Anodized Aluminum -10AN 90-Degree Hose End
- $15

- Wideband (must have for your turbo car!) -
 AEM 30-0300 X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge
- $181

- Intercooler Mounting Brackets -
 Hayden Automotive 253 Metal Mounting Bracket Kit
- $15

- Vacuum Line Tees -
 Dorman 47380 Vacuum Connector Assortment Value Pack, 65 Piece
- $10.39

- Vacuum Lines (for plumping the wastegate, bov, boost gauge, etc) - Around 10$ from local parts stores

- OEM Honda Oil Pan Gasket for D16Y8 (Don't cheap out) -
 Genuine Honda 11251-P2J-000 Oil Pan Gasket
- $39.99

- Teflon Tape for Oil Lines and more -
 4 Rolls 1/2 Inch(W) X 520 Inches(L) Teflon Tape,for Plumbers Tape,Plumbing Tape,PTFE Tape,Thread Tape,Plumber Tape for Shower Head,Pipe Sealing,Thread
- $6.99

- Oil Drain Bung for Oil Pan -
 EVIL ENERGY 10AN To 10AN Male Flare Straight Fuel Cell Bulkhead Fittings Aluminum
- $12.99 Use a Christmas tree bit to drill the hole in the oil pan

- Grommet Kit to make the IAT sensor fit in the charge piping -
 Brexxty Pack of 180 Rubber Grommet Kit in 8 Sizes
- $10.99

- Oil I used -
 Castrol 03129C Edge High Mileage 10W-30
- $20.80

- OEM Honda Oil Filter -
 Genuine Honda 15400-PLM-A02 Oil (Honeywell) Filter, Blue
- $10.14

- Christmas Tree / Step Bit for drilling holes (tapping oil pan) -
 random kit i found
- $20

Non Essential Parts (Not Needed but I would definitely pick them up)

- Honda OEM Input Shaft Seal -
amazon_icon.gif Genuine Honda 91216-PL3-005 Oil Seal (26X42X7)
- $12.99

- Honda OEM Input Shaft Bearing -
 Genuine Honda 91002-PS0-013 Ball Bearing
- $34.56

- Boost controller -
 Qiilu Adjustable Manual Turbo Boost Controller Kit Bilateral Valve with Mounting Bracket Universal
- $13

- Vacuum Block -
 Hlyjoon Car 6 Port Boost 1/8NPT Vacuum Block Intake Manifold Kit Fuel Wastegate Turbo Fit for Auto Racing Universal
- $24

- Arp Headstuds (suggest if going over 6lbs of boost) - part # 208-4305 for d16y8's may vary - $120 if you can find them in stock

- Hondabond Gasketmaker -
 Genuine Honda OEM Hondabond
- $9

- Transmission Gasket Maker -
Permatex 81180 Automatic Transmission RTV Sealant, 3 oz. Tube , Gray
- $9

- Locktite -
amazon_icon.gif Loctite Heavy Duty Threadlocker, 0.2 oz, Blue 242, Single
- $6

Extra Section (Tools needed and misc.)

- I suggest a good diy home kit of tools -
amazon_icon.gif Gearwrench 239 pc kit (I love gearwrench stuff)
- $303

- Some sort of power drill - up to you what brand and line, I use
 Milwaukee tools
in a professional setting and love them,

- Torque wrench (everyone should have one) -
 TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (10-150 ft.-lb.) | 24335
- $42

- Angle Grinder - heres a cheap one
 BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)
- $19.34

- Welder (this is the exact one I used) -
 TITANIUM Easy-Flux 125 Amp Welder
- $210 you can find cheaper units as well

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