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Dealer ”oops” means replacement engine – factory warranty/HondaCare status?

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2018 CRV purchased new - now 24k miles - Maybe a week left in the factory warranty. Also have an 8 year 120K HondaCare new car plan.. 

Dealer failed to tighten drain plug, lost oil & it needs a motor.. dealer is admitting fault, which is stand-up, but is offering a used motor with more miles on it than the vehicle has, which I am not inclined to accept.

but, regardless as to whether I got a used motor with more miles, less miles, or even a brand new motor, would any of those be covered going forward under my HondaCare warranty?  As none would be original parts on the car my initial inclination is no.

Anybody have any experience/thoughts about this?  Would you accept a used motor?  Not knowing how it’s been maintained?

And how overall CAN I be made whole given the situation?


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