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96-97 Accord Accessory Security System (Plus Add-ons)

Marasmus Hondas

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Thanks to a friend from HondaSociety and some repeated trips to the local junkyards I have finally been able to secure the parts necessary to install the accessory security system for my 1997 Honda Accord. So let’s get to it!

Operation: Security System/ Keyless Entry

Project: Specialization of The Accord 

See here for my master post for this project: https://www.hondaforums.com/topic/50421-specialization-of-the-accord-wip/


The goal of this post is to hopefully build on some earlier posts on several sites regarding the security system: 08E51-SV4-102-f



  • Introduction
  • Installation of System Itself
  • Wire Harness Diagrams
  • Add-ons (Siren and Hood Switch)
  • Honda Manuals



This system was sold as an accessory for a number of models, not just the 96-97 Accords, however they all used the same “brain box” or ECU (Part number: 08E51-SV4-1M0-F2)* The fun part is finding or fabricating the wire harnesses to connect to the car’s ECU and relays, I have the electrical diagrams for the 97 Accord Coupe, Sedan and Wagon but I do not have the diagram for the 96 or other models. I would imagine the 96 Accord wouldn’t be too much different.

This system can be added to any trim or body style except for the Special Edition Sedan and Coupe Accord sold in 1997. Honda says it is compatible with all trim and body styles in the 1996 Accords however. I know for sure it is compatible with other models with similar years I do not know for sure which ones. 😪

As I include official Honda manuals and excerpts I understand I cannot take any profit from spreading their publications if Honda themselves ask, I can delete the specific book excerpts.  

One Final and IMPORTANT note: If you use this article and passages provided from Honda, realize you yourself take all responsibility for all the risks included. Please do be careful when working with your vehicles delicate electrical systems. For both your well being and the well being of your vehicle.  


Installation of System Itself

At first I thought I would have to fabricate a wire harness using some old vehicle harness and the Electrical Troubleshooting Manual (More on that later...) but luckily I found one system at the junkyard here in town. Since I found the exact harness for my car I just followed the Honda official Instructions to install it into my car. Here is a link to a website that has the instructions.  https://manualzz.com/doc/24263160/installation-instructions ( If the link is broken please hit me up, I have the pdf.) 

Some steps I did not follow were steps

5-8: I did not put the LED in the place Honda suggests. Instead I took the wire and soldiered it into a SE Security Indicator.

(Off Indicated/ Disarmed)


(Armed or Arming)



10-12: I did not put the valet/disarm switch out in the open like Honda suggests. (I thought that would defeat the purpose...)


Wire Harness Diagrams (And physical pictures)

  • Sorry in advance for the crude handwriting if you need any clarification don't be shy.
  • These wire harnesses were specific to the 96-97 Accords, the following pictures are from my 97 Accord wire harnesses ONLY.
  • I refer to each wire pin end by the number of spaces that each one has, NOT by how many wires are going to and/or from.
  • The smaller numbers for each wire in each box are the pins from which the wires go into/come out of.
  • I tried to be as clear as possible but I am not an electrical engineer sorry...

Drivers Door Wire Harness (I did take most of the tape and black wire tubing off for the pics)





Main Wire Harness*+*



Add-ons (Siren and Hood Switch)

I was blessed to find the siren add-on kit on Ebay for a decent price and let me tell you, it was worth it, it is much more attention getting. I will try to include a video of a comparison of horn vs siren.*+** The kit that I found also included the wiring harnesses necessary to route the siren in the hood and to the hood security latch. (I did not buy the exact hood latch that Honda put out to go with the security system, instead I “borrowed” one from a 97 Accord Special Edition. I’m sure a 97-99 CL hood latch could work as well.**)

The installation instructions are pretty simple, I do not think most of you will need it. But if need be, you can ask any Honda Dealer for them (Publication Number: All 17997). I did not follow them for the most part. I routed the siren wiring through the drivers door and I have had no issues so far.

I also installed the siren where the SE stock siren is...



The hood latch from the SE worked perfectly (after I gave it a good ole cleaning) and bolted right in and plugged right into where the Security System Hood Latch is supposed to go in.



Siren Kit Part Number: 08E49-SV4-101F

Siren Part Number: 08E54-SV4-1M0-01

Security System Hood Latch Part Number: 74120-SYL-AOL


Honda Manuals

If you need a copy of the Security System operating Instructions (Part number: 08E51-SV4-1F11-81   Reference Number: HFS-610) this website has it.  https://www.manualslib.com/manual/69038/Honda-08e51-Sv4-100-F.html?page=9#manual   ( If the link is broken please hit me up, I have the pdf.) 

Excerpts from the Honda Electrical Troubleshooting Manual (Part Number/Publication Number: 61SV405EL)***



*Honda also calls it Security Control Main Unit

**Shoutout to James Matteu for that idea of using those latches. Here is his article on the same subject https://www.hondaforums.com/topic/26506-5th-gen-accord-usdm-security-system-woptions-from-1g-cr-v/

***Honda in the Manuals calls this system The "Optional Security System" to differentiate it from the stock system that came with the SE trim.

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