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How to maintain the engine oil so that engine can last forever.


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Hello, great question, here are some things you can do

1. Change the oil to a high performance synthetic

2. Always check fluid levels every month or so

3. Look to see at what mileage you need to change transmission, coolant, brake fluid, power steering

4. Drive it with kindness, not harshly

5. Put the proper gasoline in it, if it requires 87 octane, do not put 89 and vice versa

6. When taking it to a mechanic, have them check out everything/do an inspection at least each year.


Hope this is useful, if you want top fluids you can find them here, you did not mention if you have a 1.5 or a 2.0 engine in your 2020 Civic.

If you have a 1.5 use this link for the proper oil and capacity in quarts:


if you have a 2.0 then here are the fluids and products for your civic


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