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1997 Honda Civic DX making squealing/whistling noise while accelerating.


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Hello everyone, my 97 Civic DX is making a whistling noise upon acceleration. I needed some insight on what it could be. It is  a manual transmission, with a D-Series motor. The noise gets stronger the more I press on the gas pedal but, if the pedal is pressed to a certain point the noise will stop. You can hear the noise in all gears, it becomes loudest during 3rd and 4th gear. While In 3rd and 4th gear the noise is accompanied by a loss of power to the wheels. The car seems to work a lot harder in 3rd and 4th the pedal also needs to be pressed down further than normal in order for me to get the car to go faster. Sound does not appear at all during idle but is recognizable in all gears when accelerating.

This is one of my first cars, I am still fairly new to  learning all the components to   it, I am also new to doing maintenance in general so I  apologize for any information that may sound off. I recently bought the car a few months back and had the transmission, clutch, master cylinder, and slave cylinder replaced but the noise persisted I did some research and suspected that my idler pulley bearings could have been shot   but there is no idler pulley on my civic. There are two main pulleys the one on the alternator and one other pulley which the belt spins on. My car is not running a power steering pump at all, it was taken out from the previous owner for weight reduction I’m wondering if that could be my problem as well. I’ve been at this   for about 5 - 6 months now I am at a loss for ideas on what this could be there are too many results on the internet. I appreciate anyone who can get back to me. Thank you 🙏🏼

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