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Car Accident - Totaled?


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How is the car driving???


yOu don't mention if it makes horrible noises, and if the brakes work, wheels turn, wheel ok, gas tank leaks.

The body work is not that bad if you find something of a mobile body shop guy that can pull parts off a front-end totaled car at a junk yard.

I would guess you really love the car and want to keep it?

Is it insured for collision?

Many things to consider... including how you like how it drives, and the cost to replace it all told.

New cars are very overpriced... I buy used cars in very clean condition, with over 100K miles. For a Honda or a Lexus, that's nothing, compared to the 250K miles they will easily drive in their lifetime 😉 And I only pay $10-12.5k from independent dealers with low overhead, and low fees.

"Totaled", as a word only means something to an insurance adjuster, who will not give YOU very much for a damaged car; and "worth fixing" is a completely different proposition to an auto owner that does not have collision insurance; thus you are much more motivated to keep the car and find the way to fix it if you have no collision insurance. This may mean finding the right shop; the right guy. I look on craigslist for body shop work in my area; very affordable...

Meanwhile, you seem to buy new cars, accept they are incredibly overpriced, and are used to this notion. If you can get some payment toward a new vehicle that you will trust for weeks at a time on the road, then maybe it's worth it.

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