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I have a 2006 Accord EX 3.0 manual transmission that started giving me starting issue. When key is moved to start position I get all dash lights and AC coming on but nothing else. I check the neutral safety switch by jumping ot but still nothing. Swapped another relay to starter relay location and still nothing. Battery seems to be good, although I never actually checked. Started several times this morning but now won't. I'm figuring it's the starter. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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This starter diagnosis talks about making sure battery is fully charged, and make sure the terminals are clean. I've seen problems with contacts that go away when sprayed with electrical contact cleaner. 

In my experience, if there is no "click" when you turn the key for start, then it's the solenoid. But I think on the Hondas of that generation you just replace the entire starter assembly including solenoid. Sounds like it's due for a new starter...

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