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06 Accord idle vibration


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I have an 06 accord 2.4 with excessive vibration in idle, specially when I'm at a red light or stop. The vibration is less when I'm in Park gear. I replaced all the engine mounts and the vibration continues. I cant even feel it on the steering wheel and it is annoying. Any ideas how to resolve this problem? 

Thanks in advance

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Since it's better in park, I assume you have some transmission issue; otherwise it could be tuning, including plugs, ignition, fuel filter clogged; air filter clogged. Anything that keeps the vehicle from idle smoothly can create this - missing.

But if it gets worse in gear, I assume we are looking at the tranny... meanwhile it is not easy to service a tranny without replacement; so consider replacing it with a used one.

You don't mention miles; transmission type.

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