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Tire road force?

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I recently experienced a bouncing in the front end of my 2018 Honda Clarity.  In the past this has been fixed by balancing the tires but I haven't experienced this issue for a long time, since I started using Michelin tires.  The tires on the car (Michelin Premier A/S) were purchased in March 2020 and have less than 8000 miles on them.  Took it to TireDiscounters where I bought them.  They balanced them but I still had the problem.  Took it back and talked to the store manager.  He balanced them again (acknowledging they were out of balance) and pronounced them now "golden".  Still had same problem.  I paid the Honda dealer $130 to do a diagnostic and the technician said all four tires have a "road force" problem and need to be replaced after unsuccessfully trying to balance them twice.

Needless to say TireDiscounters wasn't thrilled with the dealers diagnosis ("they always try to sell you something" kind of comments) and tried to convince me it was probably a drive shaft or something like that.  Their only option was to submit it to Michelin as a warrantee issue but they didn't seem to have much confidence Michelin would do much.  So I have four tires less than a year old with less than 8000 miles and it looks like I will be out another $950 to replace them.    Shouldn't Michelin stand behind a "road force" problem?  Anyone else have a similar issue? 

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