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2017 Accord Suspension Upgrade


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I have a 2017 Honda Accord EX-L coupe V6 automatic. I am looking to redo the suspension. The objective is to find parts that are better quality than OEM and that do not drop the height of the car. The vehicle is used for everyday driving so better handling would is preferred but I am not intending to race the car.

My questions:

1. How often should the struts and springs be changed? The vehicle only has 55,000 miles with the original Honda suspension struts and springs but lately it feels like you can feel every bump you drive over even more. I am wondering if it needs tires instead since the tires are original as well.

2. It seems all coilovers I have seen so far will drop the height of the vehicle. Are there any coilovers that will not drop the height of the vehicle? Are there coilovers that can be adjusted to the stock vehicle height?

3. If I decide to go with struts and springs (instead of coilovers), what brand of struts and springs would you recommend that are better quality than Honda OEM. Again, I prefer not to drop the vehicle.

4. Any opinions on

1.       OEM Honda struts and springs.

2.       Monroe Quickstruts - which include the strut and spring. Are they better than OEM?

3.       KYB Excel-Gs - which is only a strut and excludes a spring. Are they better than OEM?

4.       Moog springs – seems like they are the only springs that keep the stock height. Are they better than OEM ?

5. I live in Los Angeles County. Are there any shops to recommend that sell these suspension parts or that can replace the suspension parts on the vehicle? I am willing to travel anywhere in SoCal and maybe further.

Thank you.

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