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Loud noise and serpentine belt alignment on 2007 Accord


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My daughter brought her Accord over today because it started making a loud noise a few days ago. It was a loud, high pitched metal-against-metal squeal. She's had a few problems with the power steering pump, so I initially thought that is what the problem was. I removed the serpentine belt, and the squeal went away. I replaced the power steering pump, and noticed three things right away:

- the squeal was still there

- the belt on the tensioner pulley was not centered

- the belt seemed to wobble on the crankshaft pulley a lot. I'm thinking this may be because of the belt slopping around on the tensioner pulley.

The noise really hurts my ears, and I can't tell exactly where it is coming from, but it could be the idler pulley. I've attached a picture of belt alignment. Is there something else I should check out, or do you think it's the tensioner pulley?

Thank you.


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I replaced the power steering pump and both the serpentine idler and tensioner pulleys, and the belt was still part way off the tensioner pulley. The belt around the crankshaft pulley was wobbling still. It turned out to be the harmonic balancer was separating. After that was replaced, the belt is right on track and the noise is gone.

I appreciate the response, marhiiraa, but I'm not able to read Arabic.

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