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Honda Ridgeline (2020)

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Hello everyone, new to the forum and have a question regarding "Real World" prices paid for the 2020 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E's.  For those of you that actually own one and have purchased recently can you enlighten me as to what % off MSRP is the norm? I reside in Central FL and think this would be a great choice for me, but I really don't want to be taken advantage of, and I really suck at negotiating so having some idea of what being paid for these would really help!


I don't want to use sites like "True-car" or others because IMO there not accurate at all being that there owned by the auto agencies. Like allowing the fox to watch the hen house. 



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I worked in the Honda industry in Central Florida for 13 years and I have been loyal to my former dealership group since 1991 until my last 2 Hondas.  My former General Manager moved to AutoNation of Sanford and when I went shopping for my 3rd Ridgeline, she had her sales person make me an offer I could not refuse.  It was such a difference that she has now sold me 2 Hondas in 2020, a 2020 Ridgeline Black Edition, the first one to hit Florida, and now a 2021 Honda Passport Elite.

I will say this to you, you can do your homework on all of the sites and call all of the dealers, or just make one phone call to Bryan Andes at AutoNation of Sanford and tell him you are a friend of Kevin Tolbert and get the best price out of the gate with no BS.  

I heard anything from 2K over MSRP to Invoice to below invoice all over Central Florida.  I they got me to drive all the way from St Cloud past Coggin Honda, past Holler Honda, and past Classic Honda all the way to Sanford, not once but twice this year, then trust me when I say it is worth the call.


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I sent you a "pm", but thanking you topside as well.  Very nice offer, I reached out to them via chat late last night and the person that responded said they would sent Bryan my info. Yet to hear back but it is the weekend so I'll give him till Monday night to respond. If I don't hear anything I'll call the dealer directly!

Again, much appreciated



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