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2009 Honda Accord Question


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Hey guys,


First post here, I actually have owned a couple of Honda's but I was on model specific forums for those so I created an account here to get some advice about another Honda vehicle.

Year: 2009

Make: Honda

Model: Accord LX Coupe

Engine 2.4L I4

Mileage: 250K or so I believe


His son ran it out of oil and seized the engine from what I understand. I am looking at having to swap the motor to get it going up and running which does not seem like too big of a deal. Couple of things I am curious about:


1. The car is a MT, does an Engine out of a AT bolt right up?

2. I am assuming swapping the engine in this one is not too bad but I am curious about that.

3. Is it worth the time?

4. How much should I pay him for the car?

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Probably a great vehicle, well worth fixing if in good repair otherwise. In the S. Cal area, swapping engines is a very competitive businesses, PHX, TX too, so shop around.

I would recommend you ask your mech for EXACT engine number, and find same from used parts dealers online. Only problem is it will be difficult to verify milage of a used engine, but companies parting out a wrecked vehicles will make a claim. 70K miles, etc. You should be able to verify the engine will fit, with the parts dealer who has much experience in this dept; you can call around until you are sure what to buy ;-)

So shop for both milage, distance to ship, and price. Have the engine shipped to your mech directly. Might only cost a few $xxx for shipping via commercial freight to your state and city. Engine might be $1000-2000. It will likely work fine, but you won't really know the milage. It should last for years, that's all you care about; might cost $3000? for installation and parts?

Very simple process. Find a mechanic you trust to do the work. Have his address and phone available for shipping info, for part purchase. You may want to replace transmission same time??? Might only cost another $500 to have a new transmission as well, the entire vehicle would last another 10 years.

Shipping will be arranged by the parts dealer, all you need to do is make a phone call after finding the engine you want, need a credit card..

Have fun with it. Hondas are just so fun to drive and own.

Pay him for the car? He might just want to give it to you ;-)

it's only worth fixing for the owner; for anyone else, they might shop for a working car with less miles. But 2009, I guess that's a newish vehicle to have so many miles; nice car. I have a 2004, not that different, does not look as modern. Not even 150K miles on it, but it's not been driven much lately. If you look around, there are just so many nice cars for not that much $.

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