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01 LX intake manifold gasket

Dani Diamond

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I have an 01 LX 5 speed 1.7 l. I need to do a IMG replacement and I asked my brother to do it cause he always works on shit. So he brings his friend and takes my car apart and goes to replace gaskdt and I forgot the sealant. So next morning I go to autozone and get it and try and call him to fix no answers. That was 5 days ago. I finally went and got a manual for the car and went to do it myself (doesn't look that hard) and when I went to do the gasket the holes along the top dont match meaning there is gasket where the bolt goes. The little rubber things I got fit perfectly and everything else on the gasket matches except those 2 bolt holes. I dont have the money for a mechanic, so I was thinking maybe cut the little bit of the gasket that is covering the holes or drill it? Idk. Im new to working on my car. Someone help. 

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