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My car won’t start


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My car started with a coolant leak, (97 Honda Civic LX non V tech automatic) I made the mistake by driving it somewhere to park it then it started over heating and caused my check engine light to go off for a cooling sensor, I fixed the leak, then after the leak, I replaced the sensor. Added more coolant and my car ran but was still causing over heating problems. I also pulled the thermostat, and ran it into boiling water and it showed it was working fine. I ended up draining all the coolant out and then I deicided to do a coolant flush by using distilled water and I cranked the engine over and it ran, I read instructions on here to do it a couple times I let all the water out, then filled it back up with water, and went to go turn my engine over the second time and this time it won’t start. It’s making a strange clicking noise coming from my glove box and my transmission drive light is blinking. I also

got it up on some car ramps idk if that will affect it or not. It’s got new timing belt. A lot of new parts and was running fine up until now. Is it possible that I caused a big air bubble when it was leaking? Idk somone help! Before all of this I did fix a transmission cooling line leak, and replaced an output sensor,

topped off all of the transmission fluid. and it was running fine then a few weeks later one of the lines bursted and that’s when the problem I explained happened! 

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