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07 Honda Civic troubles


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Hi I am new here. I recently bought an 07 Civic and it worked perfectly fine until just 2 days ago. I  was at a drive thru with my girlfriend and in the middle of the drive thru the car started to rumble for a second or 2 and then completely shut down. The manager had to push the car out of the drive thru and into a parking space to finish our order (which I felt extremely bad about) after we got our food the car started working fine again and we were able to get home. Then yesterday When I when to try and start the car nothing would happen the car wouldn't turn over at all. Then finally today it turned out the car had somehow gone into anyi theft mode and we haven't been able to figure out how to get it out of theft mode. We got the alarm to stop going off and now it barely starts. The battery could also be the issue or the alternator or both. Is there anyone that could help with this situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please abd and thank you 

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