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Mechanical Question about 2020 Civic Si


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I just got a 2020 Civic Si Coupe 500 miles on the engine and I am having two issues not sure if I should take it in to the dealer

1. Despite the assurance that the Oil Dilution issue on the Earth Dreams 1.5L Inline 4 Turbo was "fixed" after driving the new car for 500 miles I can smell a strong odor of gas when I pull the dipstick. It is driving fine and does not seem over filled but there is gas in the oil for sure.


2. I ran the car on a dealer level scanner and it is showing random misfires on every cylinder. Not a huge amount like one every so often. On a 30 Min drive I may have 10-15 misfires (or at least what the scanner an Autel 906BT registers as misfires). No Mil lights and no drivability issues from what I can tell.

I have an appointment to take it in to the dealer but that is gong to be an all day ordeal. Got to drop it off and when they get to it they will check it out and it will be a huge hassle for them to tell me "everything looks fine on our end call us when something breaks or a light comes on." Any advice or suggestions would be much obliged.

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