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2004 Accord Power Surge While driving


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I have a 2004 Accord LX.  In December, while driving on the city streets, my entire dash lit up, a click sound was heard and my car died, but only for 1-2 seconds, then kicked back in.  I did not have to restart the car nor pull over, it was that quick.  Within a few blocks, it did it again and yet again. I turned the car off and did not use it for another 2-3 hours, drove home with no lights or heat on and the car was fine.  Brought it to the dealer the next day- the computer code noted that the computer needed updating, so they did that and gave it back to me.  About 10 day later, the exact same thing happened.  No codes were detected, so they decided it must need a new PCM and replaced that.  3 weeks later, I go to lock my car and it won't lock. Try to start the car, completely dead. No crank, no lights.  After sitting in my car about 5 minutes, I gave it another try, car started no problem (my battery is less than 6 months old).  Car drove fine. Fast forward 10 more days. Turned my car off, go to lock it, won't lock.  Car dead again.  Tried to jump it (just in case). Nothing.  About 20 minutes later it just starts.  The next day on my drive to the dealer, the car goes back to surging when driving between 35-45 mph.  It does this every block or 2 the entire trip to the dealer.  Dealer has had it for last 10 days- can't figure it out.  No codes coming up.  Won't recreate. Per the dealer, technician has driven it every day and see nothing.  Any with similar issues?  There has to be a reason for this!

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