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Electrical problem


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02 Accord with 4cyl auto and 200000miles.  Having an odd problem where my starter relay wire is reading battery voltage until key is turned to start, then readsnothing. Opposite of what you'd expect. New starter started to grind against the flywheel as if the engine is already running about a week ago. I assumed new one had gone bad and replaced it, same thing. Towed it home, battery was bad, replaced. Same thing. Started going around with the multimeter and found the aforementioned problem of battery voltage at starter relay wire when key was in on position. Serviced all grounds under the hood. Built new battery cables, checked all fuses. Checked continuity of ignition switch, all good. Anyone have an idea what the problem is? I'm an experienced mechanic and I'm baffled. Talked to 3 guys at the local Honda dealership and they were stumped (and didn't seem too bright, anyway). I'm at a loss. Bout to rip up the carpet and trace every wire. Any help would be appreciated!

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