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2019 HR-V

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Considering trading in my super clean low mileage 2015 Civic for a 2019 HR-V. It has just 26K miles on it and they are offering me $9400 for it on a trade in, which I think is quite good.

A few questions though... Most of the 2019 HR-V's at local dealers are the AWD variety. I'm not convinced that I really need or want AWD for the type of driving I do and the prevailing road conditions. What's more it's my understanding that the extra weight of the AWD components contributes to an already "sluggish" acceleration reputation for the HR-V, then there's slight difference in fuel economy, which may not seem like much on the face of it, but over time it would add up. Furthermore, my understanding from the little bit of research i've done on the AWD HR-V is that that the AWD differential requires periodic maintenance (ie. fluid change) which runs about $150. The other factor is, of course, the higher initial cost of the AWD versus the 2WD.

FWIW, i've been driving 2WD Honda's for the last decade and have been perfectly happy with their performance, so... Should I stick to my guns and and insist on a 2WD HR-V or does the AWD offer any real advantages that would justify or "offset" any or all of the above mentioned considerations..?? 

Any insights or input is appreciated.

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