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How can I slam 200hp in a Honda civic.

Evyn k

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Okay I am planning on buying a 97-00 honda civic ex manuel coupe. I believe it has a d16y8 or d16y6 or d16y7. But sure which one. I want to slam 200hp in a Honda civic. Of course for the cheapest price but I gave a couple thousand to spend. I know the d series engine is a piece of shit lol so idk if it's worth it to pay somone $1,000-$2000 for labor to install a b series engine that I dont think i got money for. Or if I should throw 2k into a d series engine. I want to get into internals but I would most likely pay somone to do it. Maybe forged pistons and turbo charged or supercharged or would that be too much compression. I think by now you guys understand what I'm trying to do by now. Camshaft? Rods pistons? If I get a bigger camshaft would I need to buy somthing else to make sure the engine can handle it. My goal is to have 200-230 hp. Let me know what I should do thanks.

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