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03 odyssey starting problems

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I have an 03 Honda Odyssey. It will not start. I recently changed the tie rod and removed and cleaned and reinstalled the transmission solenoids. The van started fine after I cleaned and reinstalled the solenoids. I then changed the tie rod which has nothing to do with the starting system, but when I went to start the vehicle it would not start. When I took the key out I noticed a green flashing key so I looked up on YouTube what that meant and it lead me to the immobilizer system. My ignition jammed up so I took it apart and removed the pins so that I could get the key to turn. It would power the vehicle but still would not start. I bought a cheap key programmer online to try to save money but ended up just costing me more money because it did not work.  I still ended up buying a new ignition with immobilizer and key. Installed the new ignition and paid a guy to come program it. The guy came out and it still will not start. He did mention at one point that the machine said it couldn't connect or something. He fidgetted with the machine a bit, turned the key several times,  but I don't really know. The guy assured me that the key was programmed and something else was wrong with the vehicle. I pulled the starter off and used jumper cables to jump the starter and I could get the starter to turn so I do not think it is the starter. I noticed when I changed the ignition, the green key light in the Dash came on while the key was in the ignition, but after the guy programed the key, it is still blinking when I remove the key but not while the key is in the ignition. I really need to get this van going so if anyone has any ideas that would be awesome

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