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Intermittent no spark- CRV

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Hey, I’m trying to fix a intermittent problem with my little sisters 2000 CRV and could use some help.

The car starts and runs perfectly however, once the car is warm after around 15-20 mins of driving it just shuts off with no sputtering or bucking. It then usually won’t start back up until it’s cooled down. It turns over, and I can hear the fuel pump and starter engaging but I’m getting no spark at the plug. Car’s showing no codes.

So far I’ve replaced the pgm-fi main relay and fully replaced the distributor. I was also told to try rattling the key to see if that might cause an ignition switch issue but nothing. The spark plugs were replaced a month or so ago and the battery is only a year old.

I could really use a little help on my next step. I’m not a mechanic, just a farmer who’s used to working on tractors so please bare with me. 


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Update: The car will now not start at all. After replacing the distributor it ran better than ever for two day then died again, now it refuses to start up. If I turn the key over the check engine light come on for a few seconds like it should, so I assume the ecu is getting power. I’ve tested the spark plugs, wires,  battery, and the ground. It seem that I am only getting around 6v to the distributor when turning the car over (it still cranks over fine) could this just be from the starter drawing power? I’ve  noticed her starter is whining a little, could this cause the issue? Or what could cause this low of voyage?  

Please help a girl out! 

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