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Good mechanic or Bad mechanic

Honda Beetch

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Alright, so I am far from understanding how every part of my '99 civic coincides with each other but I dispute my mechanic and would like further opinions. Dropped my car off because I had a squealing belt that only happened with the a/c being on. It might have been the original or it was at least pre-2008. I figure new belt. Dude calls and says the noise is the power steering pump. Ummm, how come the a/c is involved? He puts me on hold for 3 days until I tell him I need my car. He then tells me he just has to tighten the belt and claims to do so while omw. When I turn the a/c on, there's the squeal. He then tells me that it is because they spilled power steering fluid on the belt and drive it for an hour. Well 3 days later it goes back. I am told the stress from not having power steering is causing the squeal. This I don't believe because this is the 3rd car that I have drove with no ps and have never had a belt problem. I agree to finally fix ps. I get a follow up call that says the sway bars are busted from them working on the car. I complain about the charge but show up days later to find that they had to send my car for exhaust work on the manifold. Thus appears on the bill and was never discussed. What was never on the bill was the new belt on my car, but I see it. Did they change that because in the end that's really all it was? And then if ya'll around Jax, FL please shoot me some suggestions on who is really good for my Hondas. Thanks my fellow Honda peeps!

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