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Stuck in park, then won't shift through gear driving


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2003 Honda Civic automatic transmission 4 door ls model. Car will start but it will not shift out of park. I then use the overide to be able to shift to drive. Goes into reveerse fine. I shift it into drive but then the car will not shift out first so drive it in first gear but stays there. I am able to manually shift to d2 and d3 and those work fine. I tested the brake switch though the brake lights do work. It seemed the switch was fine. A new one cost $8 so I replaced it anyways.I then removed and tested the brake solenoid and it works. In testing the wires to the interlock solenoid I have discovered that one wire carries 12 when the car ingnition is turned to the run position. The other wire however does not carry ground when the ignition is on and brake peddle is pressed. The gear indicator lights in the dash cluster work. Whatever gear I manually shift to is indicated in the dash. I have also discovered that while I'm turning the key from off to the run position the interlock solenoid actually activates for just a split second but then will not actuate when the brake pedal is pressed.

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