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2000 5spd 1.6 HELP


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So at 2000rpms the car Biggs, limps, whatever you want to call it ... But if my husband while rollin, turns the car off then on or pops the clutch the car will take off ... history posted below... please help  . This is our only car and we live in the middle of no where.    





My husband and I bought a 2000 civic ex out of necessity. 

Upon purchase, we ran the codes and got the following..  

IAT sensor high voltage 

O2 B1 S1 high voltage 

IAC Valve circuit failure 

VSS no pulse 

Vtech system failure 

O2 B1 S2 heater circuit malfunction. 


1st off the car is a Frankenstein project, the manifold is clearly from an early 90s model Honda, it has an after market air intake... the cat is missing but the o2 sensor is still present ... the secondary o2 sensor is present but the wiring is cut off totally into a hole in the bottom of the car ... 


So we changed..


Speed sensor 

Vtech solenoid 

O2 sensor 1 

New pigtale for the IAT (we found the wires broke off at the connection.. 

Reset the ecu and now 

At 2000 rpms the car Boggs down.  Someone told me I'm in limp mode ..  

So I re ran new codes..

TPS high voltage 

Map high voltage 

IAT low voltage 

I noticed in a lot of the wiring was crapy and breaking off at sensor connections.. 

So I just changed the whole wiring harness... and I am still having the same issue... 


Anyone dealt with this before? help 

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