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Can a Honda Accord Last for 200,000 Miles?


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According to Consumer Reports, the Honda Accord has the potential to last Goshen and Monroe drivers for 200,000 miles. The Accord has always been seen as a reliable Honda model, and news that it could continue performing well after such a prolonged period of driving will add another arrow to its quiver.

Can a Honda Accord Last 200,000 Miles?
Wondering how many miles a Honda Accord can last? A Honda Accord has the potential to last for 200,000 if it’s cared for properly, even if it’s a used model like the 2016 Honda Accord. Consumer Reports has claimed that Accord is one of the most likely vehicle most likely vehicles to be able to do so. 740,000 vehicles were represented in their annual subscriber survey — of the 10 selected as most likely to reach 200,000, the Honda Accord came in at the top.

These results were arrived at based on the total number of responses on vehicles that had 200,000 or more miles, and each model in the top 10 was also a Consumer Reports-recommended model, meaning they can be counted upon the handle well on the road.

How to Make Your Honda Accord Last 200,000 Miles
Of course, not all Honda Accords will make it to 200,000 miles and over. Though clearly built to last, each model will need to be well cared-for if it’s going to continue operating as long as possible.

To give their Accord a chance of lasting to 200,000 miles, Goshen and Monroe drivers should:

Follow the Honda Service Schedule: Oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations, and general inspections all help lengthen the life of a vehicle. Even one missed oil change can contribute to premature engine wear.

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Use Recommended Parts and Fuel: Using cheaper, aftermarket parts can seriously affect the lifespan of your Accord, so only use components that are made by Honda. Additionally, make sure you top up with the right fuel and transmission fluid.
Drive Properly: Reckless driving practices take their toll on every part of your vehicle. If you want your Accord to last as long as possible, drive smoothly and sensibly.
The Honda Accord is a Winner When It Comes to Longevity
The Honda Accord won the top spot in terms of long-term potential according to Consumer Reports, but the Odyssey, Civic, and CR-V were also named among the top 10 models likely to make over 200,000 miles. We have them all here at Middletown Honda, so visit our dealership today for a closer look near Goshen and Monroe.

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Sure, an Accord, along with other Honda models. will last for 200, 000 miles.  It's really fairly common.  I have a 1991 Accord with 306,447 miles on it. I'm not currently driving it and plan to get rid of it soon, but this is not due to engine deterioration. It's due to the fact that I live in Ohio, a "rust belt" state, and my '91 Accord has succumbed its many years of exposure to Ohio's use of road chemicals every winter.  But, from a mechanical perspective, I have zero doubt I could continue driving the car to 400,000 and beyond. At its current mileage of 306,447 miles, the engine still strong; oil consumption has never become a significant issue.  Of course, this is the result of good maintenance and sensible driving.

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