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Honda Accord 2008 Model Europe 7th Generation


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I am about to purchase a 2008 Honda Accord 2.0 EX Auto (Europe) 7th Gen and have a couple of question I did give it a test drive and did find the ride to be a bit on the hard side after reading several review it seems to be a characteristic of the car.
As I have a bad back it is a bit concerning to me. Could I have some feedback as how owners find the ride on these cars.
I live in London UK what MPG can i realistically expect from my model.
How do owners find the auto box on this model is there any known issues.
I finally before I purchase is this a model you guys would recommend.
Thanks Guys for any information
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I'm writing an article about Honda Chord and I'm going to buy this product. I hope you use it.

RAA Review

Use car Review

As the name suggest, the Euro is designed in line with a typical mid-sized European sedan, rather than its larger sibling, the Accord. However, this Honda’s Europeaness ends with its name and style. While it might appear to be European from the outside, underneath it’s all Japanese. Indeed, the ride and handling characteristics lean more towards softer Japanese settings.

The sedan comes in three specification levels, with each model featuring cruise control, Electronic Stability Control, head and side front airbags, and automatic climate control with dual temperature zones.

Moving up the ladder, the mid-range Euro Luxury comes with front fog lights, xenon headlights, parking-distance control, leather upholstery, a sunroof, and heated and powered front seats. The top-of-the-line Euro Luxury Navi rounds out the pack with a reversing camera and sat-nav.

Unfortunately, the cabin’s not very spacious and is really only comfortable for four occupants. That being said, Honda has made good use of the space available, with plenty of storage and a wide-opening tailgate that provides good access to the moderately sized boot.

Under the hood, the Euro comes with a 2.4-litre engine that’s paired either with a six-speed manual, or five-speed automatic transmission. The latter will probably be more common in the used-car market, as the manual variant wasn’t a big seller.

Overall the Euro has proven to be a reliable vehicle, but it’s critical the service schedule is followed to ensure it runs smoothly. خرید شامپو کراتینه If a service is missed, the engine oil will quickly become sludge-like, which can lead to significant engine damage.

 It’s also a good idea to check the colour of the transmission fluid and, if it’s black, it may require changing, even if it hasn’t reached the 120,000km replacement recommended by Honda. Some earlier models may have experienced oil-burning problems, so check for any signs of exhaust smoke. If you don’t feel comfortable doing either of these things yourself, it’s worth booking an RAA Vehicle Inspection with one of our motoring experts.

Sometimes described as the Japanese BMW for its quality and style, the Honda Accord Euro is well priced, and the level of equipment is still good by today’s standards.

Euro $34,990
Euro Luxury $41,990 
Euro Luxury Navi $44,990

2008 Honda Accord Euro 2.4L 4 sp automatic:


4 cylinder variable DOHC
2354 cc
Multi-point fuel injection
Fuel requirement
Premium Unleaded
Fuel consumption (combined cycle)
8.9 litres/100km
Claimed max. power
148 kW @ 7,000rpm
Claimed max. torque
230 Nm @ 4,200rpm
4 speed automatic
Driving Wheels
7.5 x 17
225/50 R17
Space saver
Power asisted
Seating capacity
Fuel tank capacity
65 litres
Max. towed mass (trailer plus load)
1,200kg (braked)
Manufactured in
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